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Football - Fri, Oct. 18, 2013

The University of the Cumberland (UC) football team is in the midst of one of the most memorable seasons in school history.  They are currently 5-0 and are ranked the highest in school history with a 2nd place ranking in the NAIA polls.  Not only are the Patriots doing great things on the field but off the field as well.

The UC football team was given New Testament bibles last week in hopes of sharing Christ with their teammates.  Around 90 Bibles were handed out to the team as almost everybody received a New Testament Bible.  The effort was headed up by team chaplain for the UC football team Mr. Tim Bargo.  Tim is the leader of the First Priority Ministry which reaches numerous schools and areas around the Tri-County area.  Tim commented on the Bible campaign saying, "I consider it a privilege to have been the football chaplain for the Patriots the last 6 seasons.  It is great giving out 90 Bibles that will make an eternal difference in leading these boys to manhood."

The Bibles were donated by the Gideon chapter in the Tri-County area.  Randall Thompson, who helped give out the Bibles, said, "It is something we try to do all over the area and it is great to try and help Jesus make a difference in these young men's lives." 

Head Coach John Bland was pleased to see this effort and this is just one of the many reasons he thinks UC stands out.  Bland commented, "I think it is really special that our school gives us the ability to grow spiritually.  We are one of the very few programs across the country that still prays after every event and practice.  I want all my players to try and grow mentally, physically, and spiritually."

The University of the Cumberlands is also trying to help out those in need as they will be sponsoring a canned food drive at this week's game against Georgetown.  In conjunction with First Baptist Church in Williamsburg, UC will hand out free admission to anybody that brings in 2 cans of food this week against MSC rival Georgetown College.  That game is scheduled to kickoff at 1:30 PM at James H. Taylor, II Stadium. 

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